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In this age of politically motivated hype of certain types of products for the purpose of financial, and political gain I feel compelled to offer a few facts in the defense of one of these products " Pesticides ".

Pesticides ( Insecticides, Rodenticides, Avicides, Miticides, Herbicides )and others are probably the most politically attractive targeted products on the market.

What do I mean when I say politically attractive? I mean an ambitious person can get instant recognition, become famous, get elected, get rich writing a book and who knows what else by disclosing that some product might hurt you or kill you.                                                                                                                                   Notice I use the word might. That's a powerful and deceptive word in this day and age might. When using it with a pesticide it means I don't have to prove it's harmful I just have to say it might be harmful.

I don't mean to downplay the need to test and make sure that pesticides are safe.I just recognize the fact that politicians and other politically motivated people are preying on our fears about pesticides to achieve their own goals.Why? Because we believe anything they say that's bad about pesticides and they make us think they are the only ones that can fix things because they are the experts.

I absolutely believe that all products should undergo the same tests we place on pesticides,and that's precisely where I make my point.

Think about it.Pesticides have to pass the more stringent tests governed by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency than any other type of products.It costs millions for a company to test a product in order to get it on the market.I think because of this pesticides are probably some of the safest  chemicals on the market.

What about the things under your sink?What about the things in your food?We go ape when we have to spray an insecticide in our home but completely ignore the fact that we have been ingesting the same types of products in our food for years and years. And guess what. Believe it or not it has helped us more than hurt us.

On John Stossels program Give Me A Break a guest expert from the Department of Agriculture made the statements that Pesticides are good and Organic is bad.They have proved conclusively that people are dying by the thousands from organic foods because of the fertilizer and bacteria, and they have attributed no deaths to pesticide treated foods.

If we got rid of all pesticides today we would starve to death.We couldn't grow enough food.

                                                       Joe Newberry