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Garter Snakes

Common garter snake (L), San Francisco garter snake (R)

Garter Snakes are found  worldwide expect Antarctica. There are many different species of garter snakes. They vary in size and colour depending on the areas they are found in. Brown, black, green and sometimes grey, garter snakes usually have a prominent stripe or two, red or yellow, on their sides. They are not poisonous but will bite you if they feel threatened. They range in length from two to three feet. If you pick them up they leave an awful nasty odour on your skin and clothes.

Eastern black garter snake (L), Checkered garter snake (R)

They usually live near ponds, creeks and streams or any other sources of water. They are found in long grass around fences and houses. Be careful if you are trimming these grasses as the sting from the weed whacker can kill snakes. Having one of these guys in your garden is a bonus. Especially if you are a west coast gardener and have a problem with slugs. They love slugs and snails. They are active most of the day but rarely seen in the heat of the day and find somewhere to hide for this period. Although they eat worms, they are still a gardeners friend. Mating occurs in early spring or fall depending on species. Females have up to 40 live babies at one time. Most garter snakes hibernate during the winter. The hibernators band together in large groups and emerge again in the spring.

Two striped garter snake (L)-photo san Diego Natural History Museum

All of these snakes eat slugs, snails, small insects, small frogs, toads, worms, leeches, mosquito larvae and small fishes. The snakes in turn are eaten by birds, wild dogs, cats and occasionally rodents.

Treatment and control

Apply Snake Away according to label directions to repel snakes in areas where snakes frequent.Clean up all debreis and seal up all holes that  snakes are able use for shelter in the affected area. 

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